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The most advanced company community that serve as a one-stop shop for all Abdulwahab's Office brands

About Us

State-of-Art Multi-National Investment Firm working to maximise digital footprint, and minimise Carbon footprint.

Since established, we follow international agreements, and committ to act not only locally, but also to act globally in several aspects. We co-exist in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Oman. While maintaining highest standards of legality, our main legal partner "Legisly" is located in Hungary that is specialised operates in the European markets, and MENA region. 

Mission statements – Utilising our expertise and global footprint, we work to empower youth in the essence of development of future leaders, and to contribute to Oman Vision 2040 effectively. 

Our Values

Our membership at the United Nations GC have been a key to our international exposure, and we are proud to say that we committ to the 10 principles of UNGC that are summarised as following; Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, Ensure that business practices are not complicit in human rights abuses, Uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, Eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labor, Abolish child labor, Eliminate discrimination in employment and occupation, Adopt a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, Conduct environmentally responsible activities, Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies, and Fight corruption in all its forms including extortion and bribery.


We work to provide the best experience to our community members including our employees, clients, suppliers, and the public with different programs that Empowers Enterprises, Integrates Our Supply Chains, Connects the Skills, and Enhance Education & Awareness.

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Note: some of the groups are premium groups, and some courses "Nitaj Sessions" are paid.